The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entertainment industry. It is all about online streaming content and new platforms made for specific content. The digital video viewers in the United States have reached 239 million in 2020. Thus, the online video genre is all set to revamp the streaming exceptions in the coming years. With the millennials going all gaga over trending reality shows, films, documentaries, educational content there is a huge scope for budding creators to grow online. As a video content creator, you can directly reach out to your desired viewers with video apps. In this blog, we are sharing some vital information on video streaming services and a full guide on video streaming app development from features to cost


Even before the arrival of the coronavirus crisis, video-on-demand services were on the rise. The upsurge in smartphone users, increasing 4G penetration, and availability of good content attracted the potential audiences. The coronavirus pandemic expedited the adoption further.