The number of apps is increasing exponentially with each passing day. Smartphones are getting user-friendly and cheap making them easily available to all. Getting an internet connection today is not so difficult, leading to a rise in the number of mobile app users around the globe. A total of 204 billion apps were downloaded in 2019 with an average of 40 apps installed in one phone.

The List of Most Download and Used Apps:

  1. WhatsApp

  2. Facebook

  3. Facebook Messenger

  4. Instagram

  5. Snapchat

  6. UC Browser

  7. Uber

  8. YouTube

  9. SHAREit

  10. Bitmoji

  11. Google Maps

  12. Gmail

  13. iCloud

  14. Amazon Mobile

  15. Twitter

  16. Netflix App

  17. Pinterest

  18. Google Pay (Tez)

  19. Telegram

  20. Google Meet

App Usage Statistics 2021

-> More than 67 apps were found installed in the phones of millennials while the number of commonly used apps is 25.

-> Games, education, business, and entertainment are some of the categories of most popular apps available on the Play Store.

-> People spend most of their time with social media apps followed by gaming and communication apps.

The List of Most Download and Used Apps: