“Hey, you need a quick fix to the functionality issue”, “We need to hire a Node developer on an urgent basis”, “Hi team, we need to obtain fundings for this project”. These are some quick shares between the teams and the product owner that happen quite a lot. And I would say it is highly important that conversations like these happen because they help you map the project progress and help you identify potential threats that may arise at later stages.

Giving my introduction, I am Sanjay Kidecha, CMO at Kody Technolab. This is the seventh blog of the mobile app development process series, which is based on project management and milestone delivery. Talking about milestones, it is of paramount importance to mark significant deliverables and events of the project.

These significant marks, in technical jargon, are known as project milestones. Keeping track of milestones lets you know what is happening in the project and how you need to sync all your tasks to succeed.

Before we move ahead and learn the basics, I would like you to go through our previous blogs of the series. Here is the index for you.

  1. A Guide on Lean Canvas Model;