Learn how to localize React app by following proper React Internationalization processes, and following React Internationalization best practices to make your app more accessible and better suited for international markets.

App Internationalization is the process of making the contents of your app available in various languages to reach more customers and truly globalize the potential of your app. Most businesses avoid internationalization, thinking it’s too complicated and not worth the efforts behind implementing it. However, proper localization and internationalization have proven stats to highlight the impact and importance of internationalizing your app. By integrating app localization and internationalization processes, you can genuinely increase your application’s accessibility, reach, and scope.

What is internationalization in React?

React Internationalization refers to the internationalization of apps made on the React platform. React is one of the most popular app development libraries widely used by various popular brands like Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud Pulse, Gyroscope, etc. Being a leading tech choice for building modern apps, it is important to understand how to implement internationalization in your existing or new React apps.

Top React I18N Libraries for Internationalization of React App